Lawyers refuse to record statement at Musharraf’s farmhouse

ISLAMABAD: Three lawyers have refused to record their statement at Pervez Musharraf’s Chak Shahzad farmhouse on Saturday .

Wajid Gilani, Fazlur Rehman Niazi and Anwar Khan, the three lawyers have turned down the option of going to the Chak Shahzad farmhouse where currently Musharraf is being held.

According to their stance, they will not go to the dictator’s house to record their statements but they are willing to use Adiala Jail or a local court in Islamabad as the venue.

The anti-terrorism court (ATC) had issued summons to 15 witnesses to submit their statements in the judges’ detention case today. Therefore, ATC judge Kausar Abbas Zaidi has arrived at the Chak Shahzad sub-jail.