Federal budget: Senior Citizens satisfied with increase in pension

ISLAMABAD: The pensioners of various public departments have expressed satisfaction over announcement of 10 percent raise in pension as the country is facing acute economic pressure.

Talking to APP here on Wednesday, Rahmat Khan a 65 year old school teacher said, “Currently the country is passing through a very difficult phase and every one should contribute in bringing the country’s economy on the right track”.

He said, the new government was facing a number of challenges due to increased debt which had destabilized the economy adding the current relief was justified in the present circumstances.

Youth were the major potential of the country and its time to invest in education, he said adding, the money should be diverted for their bright future.

Noshaba Subhani, a retired nurse of a government hospital said the government had not imposed any new tax so it is not difficult to run the household in our current income.

She said issue of power sector and other big challenges should be given prime importance rather than giving relief to government employees and pensioners is a good strategy of the government which will have long term effects on the economy.