Fauzia Kasuri feels insulted by Imran, plans to leave PTI

LAHORE: A video has surfaced in which Fausia Kasuri, a senior leader and founding member of Pakistan Tekreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has voiced several complains against her party. She has previously served as PTI women’s wing president and a liaison person for the party’s overseas chapters and young party workers call her the mother of PTI.

With tears trickling down her eyes she said, “I am a human and I have feelings. I did not join PTI for the sake of seats, when Imran Khan lost the first elections and party did not win any seat I stood with Imran Khan and kept struggling. Then again when party lost second elections, I struggled even more, gathered women and inducted in the party.”

“It shows that I did not come for winning seats but to bring justice to my nation’s children and women, she said.”

Referring to Hamid Khan the senior vice president of PTI, she said, “They disqualified me whereas Hamid Khan let 5 other candidates run for the elections who had dual nationalities, and from among them three candidates have even won seats but Hamid Khan did not pay a heed to me.”

She also discussed the reasons for PTI’s defeat in the general elections of 11 May and in this regard she said, “Why PTI lost the elections? Why there is no accountability of the funds used in the promotional campaign for the elections? Why there is no accountability of mismanagement and misuse of funds?”

She also added that talking about justice and equality is easy but to provide justice and equality in real is not easy, one needs to have a huge heart for doing so.

Moreover she referred her speech to Imran Khan and said, ” I always respected Imran Khan but they have insulted me so much that I have had been admitted in a mental hospital, I have been crying madly for past two weeks and taking tranquilizers everyday.”

According to few local news channels, Fauzia Kasuri has claimed that along with her many other party workers from Karachi, Lahore and Balochistan are going to end their political affiliation with PTI and soon she will call a press conference.

Another News Channel aired a news regarding this issue in which Fauzia Kasuri was quoted saying, “I have to continue working. I will definitely join any party but lets just wait for my press conference.”