Commissioner warns action against elements behind fake price hike

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi, Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui on Thursday warned of strict action against elements creating fake price hike and artificial shortage of edible items, with specific reference to milk and chicken.

Chairing a meeting with the representatives of local whole-salers and retailers’ bodies besides those of consumers’ and some of the media personnel, he said close coordination was required among all relevant stakeholders to efficiently handle attempts being made to fleece the public.

“Karachi administration is determined to counter attempts being made by unscrupulous elements,” said Commissioner Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui.

He said action presently underway against the hoarders and those selling edible items above the officially fixed rates is part of the administrative responsibilities.

The Karachi Commissioner said the administration has nothing against the retailers, suppliers and traders in general, however, any attempt to exploit the unassuming consumers could not be and will not be tolerated.

He urged the representatives of the traders to exercise their influence on their respective communities and professional bodies to address the situation and ensure that officially approved price lists are strictly complied with.

The Commissioner said that with a view to ensure absolute transparency in the committee, responsible to fix rates for edible as well as other consumer items, the administration has decided to include members from local media, who may also be known for their integrity and uprightness.

He appealed to all the concerned stakeholders to co-operate with and support the Karachi administration in its endeavour to ensure that no shortage is created of food items nor these are sold at exorbitant rates with any compromise in quality.

He also urged the people in general to contact the administration at the cell functional at Commissioner’s office about non- availability or poor quality or hike in the cost of items being sold to them at their nearby shops.

He in most categorical terms said this will not be allowed and he at the same time does expect that traders’ bodies would also play their role to prevail upon their members involved in exploiting public in general to desist from the same.

The Commissioner of Karachi reiterated that media is a strong voice of people in general and therefore must play its role for a cause of public interest by sensitising traders as well as consumers of their rights and responsibilities towards the society.