Budget 2013 needed to revise crucial features before implementation: Analyst

ISLAMABAD: Senior analyst Sikander Lodhi has said that overall Budget 2013 is a good one and will start working with the passage of time as some of its features needed due considerations.

Talking in an interview, he said that it was a business trade budget as it has challenged documentation adding that there are measures for investments in it.

He said, “In order to meet the energy crisis and water shortage we have to focus on the building of new dams and reservoirs in the country by and large added that dams issue already in the pipelines should be taken up on higher forum and legislate feasibility of their construction with provinces consensus.”

He said in order to maintain law and order in the country the police system should be on strong footing.

He recommended that the budget should be turned into development budget.

He said that both the people and government should be in cooperation with each other to implement the salient features of the budget 2013.