Altaf summons emergency meeting of party ranks

KARACHI: An emergency meeting has been summoned by Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain of party ranks today for consultation over joining hands with the PPP in Sindh, media reports.

Altaf Hussain addressed emergency meeting of MQM Raabta Committee in London and Karachi on Sunday evening simultaneously.

The MQM Raabta Committee exchanged views over PPP leaders’ meeting with party representatives at Nine-Zero on Sunday.

Later on, the MQM Raabta Committee decided to summon all party ranks at Nine-Zero for an emergency meeting at 3.00pm today.

All heads of the different wings of MQM including sector in-charges, zonal in-charges of interior Sindh, members of National and Sindh assemblies, senators, members of local and London Raabta Committee and other departments will attend the meeting this day.

The MQM leaders and ranks will be taken into confidence over joining Sindh government on PPP’s invitation during today’s emergency meeting at the party head office.

Altaf Hussain will also address the meeting through telephone. He would inquire to the party activists and leaders about joining hands with the PPP in Sindh once again.