Altaf Hussain withdraw resign

LONDON: Chief of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain who had earlier relinquished his party leadership and handed authority to the Rabita Committee, has retracted his resignation.

“I may not be the chief in the eyes of Britain, but I am the chief in the eyes of party workers.”

Altaf Hussain who was addressing party workers from London had earlier announced that he was voluntarily stepping down as the party chief following a raid at his UK house by the London Metropolitan Police in which several materials were seized. The MQM chief said that despite requests to the police, he had not been provided with a list of items seized.

He said that the establishment has maligned him and his party MQM by propagating that his party didn’t tolerate opponents.

Altaf Hussain demanded that the agencies operating all over the world should catch hold of Imran Farooq’s murderers.

Speaking on the Dr. Imran Farooq case, Altaf said he had hired a lawyer who was present during the raid, but he had not heard from him since then. “I will represent myself in the case and will accept the court’s decision.”

Dr. Farooq was murdered while he was returning to his London home on Edgware road on September 16, 2010. Last week, London Metropolitan Police had conducted raids at two residential addresses one of them belonging to Altaf Hussain in connection with the case.

A suspect was also taken into custody from the Heathrow airport and questioned but was later released on bail.

Deeming a recent police raid on his apartment as a disgrace to his reputation, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader, Altaf Hussain, announced to voluntarily relinquish the party leadership henceforth.

He said that if a court of law took up Dr. Imran Farooq murder case then he would not engage any lawyer, solicitor, or barrister, rather he would fight his case himself.

“I would plead my case personally and embrace the ruling of the honorable court open heartedly regardless of which way it goes”, he added.

Vowing to continue his Haqparastana (righteous) struggle Altaf advised his followers to stay committed no matter what happened.

“Hold your heads high and repose your full trust in the party leadership”, said Altaf Hussain.

Following their party leader’s announcement, throngs of shocked party workers, supporters, sympathizers showed up at the MQM Headquarter ‘Nine Zero’ in Karachi and other parts of the country including Hyderabad and Sukur.

The workers chanted slogans to express their solidarity as well as allegiance to Altaf Hussain’s leadership demanding him to withdraw his decision.