PPP election Marketing campaign-Emotions all the way!

ppp election campaign

“Hai baychari Baynazeer ko maar diya zaalimo nay” This was the response of my wife’s grandmother with tears in her eyes after watching the latest advertisement of Pakistan People Party in which they showed the clippings of Shaheed Baynazeer Bhutto’s Funeral with the song “Bhutto ki bayti aae thi”. Her sympathies were fully with the party and she is planning to vote again for PPP. I was shocked; once again PPP is ready to play with the emotions of the people by showing Baynazeer Bhutto with an emotional song.

Ayesha Tammy Haq tweeted “@tammyhaq You can’t watch the #PPP election tv commercial ‘Bhutto ki beti aaiyee’ without getting tears in your eyes. Very emotive #Pakistan”. Being a marketing graduate, I consider the ad campaign of PPP as the most effective ad campaign as compare to the other political parties. Indeed they did not manage to do anything in the past 5 years but yet they are portraying their brand in a very positive manner. The emotional boost from this “Bhutto ki bayti aae thi” will get things rolling for PPP.The punch line “Teer ka nishaan, Jeet ka nishaan” is also very catchy. Basic idea of their ad campaign is to promote the Bhutto legacy by showing ZA Bhutto, Benazir, Bilawal, Asifa etc. President Asif Ali Zardari, Raja Parvaiz
Ashraf, Yusuf Raza Gilani, Faryal Talpur and other main stream political leadership who are actually running the party since the martyrdom of Shaheed Baynazeer Bhutto is no where in their media campaign. They are playing with the emotions by showing BB’s video with the song “Bhutto ki bayti aae thi”. To me they are running a very effective ad campaign. They have worked extensively on AIDA (Attract attention, Gain a person’s interest, Build desire for the product and most importantly make them to take action).

They have invested millions in their ad campaign with TVCs on all major channels and full page ads in major newspapers of Pakistan. They are trying to target the masses but the rural population is their actual target audience who always voted for PPP because of Mr. Bhutto and Shaheed Baynazeer. This type of act will change the brand image of their brand in their target audience and so far they are successful in doing so and it seems that they have once again hit the spot by this emotional clips and song.