Peshawar: PPP candidates’s house attacked by unknown militants

PESHAWAR: Unknown militants on Tuesday attacked the house of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) candidate for NA-1, Zulfiqar Afghani in Gulbahar area in Peshawar by a hand grenade. Luckily all house inmates remained safe as it exploded on the roof of the house.

Police personnel and Zulfiqar Afghani said that the bomb exploded on the third floor of the house with a big bang creating panic in the area.

No damage to any life or property was reported.

“It’s a cowardly act to sabotage the election as some time back the ANP leaders were targeted and now they have started targeting us,” Afghani said.

“I have no enmity and have never even carried any weapons in my life, so it’s very clear that whoever is targeting political workers wants to derail the democratic process but we will not get afraid.”