Mob attack on Imran Khan’s house

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday evening, outside the residence of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan in Bani Gala, a furious argument broke out between the policemen and a huge mob of delinquents.

PTI central information secretary Dr Shireen Mazari stated in this regard that around 100 delinquents allegedly put party chairman Imran Khan and his family’s lives at risk while the police and local administration did not respond despite several phone calls.

He further added that Imran Khan’s brother in law was beaten up by those people and even a female family member was abused as the main gate of residence broke down due to attackers’ pressure and this all happened because the police did not come for rescue despite of several calls.

Where as the police officials gave a contrasting statement in response to Shireen Mazari’s claim.“They entered the house on finding the front door open,” said a police official from Bhara Kahu police station. The officer added that the alleged mob did not resist when they were stopped by police.

“No reserve police was then required and was not sent,” said the police officer. However, he claimed that required security arrangements were in place at the house of Imran Khan. Police said no arrests were made.