Lawyers not allowed in Musharraf’s sub-jail

ISLAMABAD: The lawyers of former military ruler Pervez Musharraf were not allowed to meet and enter Musharraf’s farm house which has been converted into a sub-jail, on Monday

Musharraf’s advocate, Ahmed Raza Kasuri  informed the media after the refusal.

“If we don’t speak to our client then how will we fight the case?” he questioned. “It is like going into a war without weapons.”

“Maybe our client has reservations against this three bench court. Earlier, we had asked for a full bench court minus the CJP (Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry0,” he further said in reference to the proceedings of the case. “We appreciate that the CJP stepped down graciously from the bench.”

Kasuri also stated, “We demand his (musharraf’s) thorough medical examination from the CMH (Combined Military Hospital)”.

“We were issued orders, by the court, to meet him and we reached the farm house on time but were not allowed by the superintendent posted at the main gate,” he said.

Whereas a petitioner has challenged the notification declaring Musharraf’s farm house as sub-jail. He has requested to move the former president to Adiala jail.