Imran vows to bring about radical change

JALALPUR: PTI Chairman Imran Khan Friday vowed to bring about radical change in society by introducing a system to restore the dignity and respect of the common man.

Addressing a huge gathering, he said the PTI was pursuing a system where no false FIR could be registered against the poor man. He termed it very unfortunate that in the previous government, criminals and Tax evaders had reached assemblies who exploited the masses of the country.

He claimed, “In PTI’s Pakistan, no powerful person or feudal lord will exploit a weaker person as people themselves will be the owner of their fate by appointing SHOs at their respective police stations. The cruel system would be abolished after the election as a wave of change is sweeping through Pakistan.”

He accused the former ruling parties had fleeced people of the country and deprived them of their basic necessities of life. He lamented that in the past tenure, the masses got poorer and the rulers richer with every passing day.

He said they were laying the foundation of a new Pakistan where no MNA/MPA would able to get personal benefits.