Ghinva claims of having establishment’s offer in 2002

LAHORE: Ghinva Bhutto the chairperson of the PPP-Shaheed Bhutto party while speaking to the media on Sunday said that she would have been the successor to Zulfikar Bhutto’s party in 2002 if she have had considered the provisos of the establishment. She further added that she did not pair with the establishment as she was following the principles of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

She said the establishment wanted to use her for its own ends after declaring her bachelors’ degree fake in 2002. Despite all the pressures, she said, she refused to be used as a puppet by the establishment, otherwise she would have been the genuine successor of ZAB’s PPP.

Ghinwa said her party was fielding candidates from 160 constituencies for the completion of Shaheed Bhutto’s ideology and it would fulfill his dream, including restoration of local bodies system and genuine democracy, after coming to power.

She said it was ironic that the world was making fast development in 21st Century but Pakistan was stuck in the same Stone Age while power hungry parties were making seat adjustments with their ideological adversaries just to make quick bucks after reaching the power corridors

She emphasized that the timing of general elections was not appropriate since it would be the harvesting season of wheat crop and schools would be holding annual examinations besides the intense heat of May would be at its peak. However, she said, the elections should be fair and transparent in order to transfer power to the genuine representatives of the people.