17 lawbreakers arrested, 3500 kites, 51 liquor bottles recovered

RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi Police have arrested 17 lawbreakers including a kite seller from different localities of the district.

Police recovered 255 gram charras, 51 bottles of liquor, three 30 bore pistols with 10 rounds, one  pistol 32 bore, one repeater 12 bore, one revolver 32 bore, stolen trees worth Rs 40,000, 3500 kites and 50 string rolls from the possession of the accused.

According to police spokesman, Waris Khan police arrested Masood on recovery of 10 bottles of liquor. Westridge police held Irfan for having 11 liquor bottles. Civil Line police apprehended Rafique and recovered five bottles of liquor while Rizwan was arrested as five liquor bottles were recovered from his possession. Khurram and Jameel were held with 11 bottles of liquor. Saddar Wah police recovered nine liquor bottles and arrested Hameed. Other accused were arrested for having illegal weapons, drugs and liquor.

Meanwhile Gujar Khan police conducted a raid and caught a kite seller with 3500 kites and 50 string rolls.

Wah Cantt police arrested Rawan Khan and recovered stolen trees worth Rs 40,000.