World’s 1st panda themed hotel

Located at the foot of Emei Mountain in Emeishan, in southwest China’s Sichuan province, the new hotel, slated to open in May, appears to answer the prayers of traveling panda lovers in need of a place to sleep.

The hotel’s 32 rooms will soon embrace their first guests with black, white and cuddles.

Available in single, twin and double, each room differs with themes ranging from anime and film to embroidery and tea culture.

It’s hard to imagine the hotel won’t satisfy the world’s innate love of pandas, but a two-hour drive will take you to the real deal at the Chengdu Breeding and Research Centre, which houses the most captive-born giant pandas in the world.

Sichuan province has China’s largest population of pandas. Located in the Sichuan basin, Emei Mountain is a World Heritage site and World Cultural site.

Nights in panda paradise start from RMB 344 (US$55) during the hotel’s opening promotion. Regular rates are RMB 688 (US$110) per night.