‘VIP Extravaganza’: Sindh govt spending 200 million on security

KARACHI: In spite of Supreme Court’s recent order, directing Government to provide security to a common man, the provincial government is spending over 200 million on VIP security instead, sources said.

A report finds out that, Instead of recruiting more people into law-enforcement agencies, which at present has a 1:6000 ratio (a single law enforcer for 6,000 citizens) in the province, the authorities are more interested in securing the lives of as many as 500 politicians, advisors, bureaucrats, relatives of politicians and other VIPs.

As many as 1,310 police officials, including a DIG, two SSPs, four SPs, 15 inspectors, 76 sub-inspectors, 191 ASIs, 104 head constables and 920 constables are serving in Security Zone I.

Meanwhile, 1,710 policemen including a DIG, two SSPs, four SPs, seven inspectors, 12 sub-inspector, 100 ASIs, 53 head constables and 1,520 constables are posted in Security Zone II.

In Security Zone III, as many as 1,675 policemen, including two SSPs, four SPs, six inspectors, 12 sub-inspectors, 100 ASIs, 53 head constables and 1,501 constables are present. At least 607 policemen are working in the Foreign Security Cell and 600 personnel are deployed with the Rapid Force.

The VIP concerned is covered by at least 20 personnel at any given point of time besides guards at home, said the report.

On the otherside, The city is facing serious street crimes; deadly bombings, unabated targeted killings; influx of terrorists and collection of extortion with impunity but the government and establishment’s refusal to even attempt to deal with bombings and so forth, to protect the state’s citizens, which both institutes are expected to do, and to not even dare to name the perpetrators, is the most blatant form of collective cowardice.

After all, This is just one of the many examples of the attitude of the elected and non-elected representatives of the people of this nation.