Veena Malik in the colour of Holi

Veena Malik was caught on camera while playing Holi on the set of her upcoming movie “Nagna Satyam”. She was seen playing with Eco friendly color with her movie cast and crew. She will be soon seen in Bollywood movie “The City That Never Sleeps which is produced by Satish Reddy Directed by Haroon Rashid.

Veena Malik said,” I always try to play holi with natural colors which are eco friendly and good for face and body. My crew got the gulaal made by natural herbs. I am really happy to celebrate holi this year too. I can say that I love India and festival of India which spread love and joy.”

Veena is busy with her upcoming movie project and has taken some time out from her busy schedule to celebrate festival of color. “I request my fans to use eco friendly colors and it is better to have a safe and colorful Holi with natural colors. I wish them a happy Holi”, Says Veena Malik.