Torrential rains play havoc in Balochistan

QUETTA: Torrential rains lashing for last three days have played havoc, destroying a number of houses in different areas of the province.

Reports reaching here on Thursday suggested that dozens of mud houses have collapsed after the heavy rains continued lashing for three days in region including Quetta, Kalat, Pishin, Khanozai, Mastung, Qila Abdullah, Ziarat, Muslim Bagh, Harnai, Qila Saifullah, Noshki and others.

The torrential rains caused flash flood that badly damaged hundreds of mud houses while dozens of them were collapsed or washed away and also damaged crops and fruit gardens standing on hundreds of acres of agriculture land.

The rains also created flash flood in the provincial capital where sewerage system of the city that was already in very dilapidated condition was chocked and as a result, sewage inundated on main city roads including Jinnah Road, Qandhari Bazaar, Prince Road, Archar Road, Zarghoon Road, Sariab Road, Smuggle Road, Brewery Road, Spinny Road, Airport Road and entered houses and shops.

No sanitary staff of Metropolitan Corporation was witnessed to flush out accumulated sewage and rainwater from the roads and streets.

The citizens said that there is a need to take steps for checking the dengue, malaria and other fatal epidemics and called for taking measures to remove rainwater from the city roads and streets.