The Fear Within

Five years of the present government have almost come to an end. Every Pakistani to the best of his understanding looks like pointing fingers at one or the other of the political parties for the strife they have had to face. Many point at bureaucracy, military, media, even judiciary as consciously or unconsciously aiding the government in the spread of anarchy and chaos from Karachi to Khyber. Common man seems only to do one thing, live the life he has been granted graciously by the terrorists (do not take the term to be restricted to just the northern areas of Pakistan), as long as he can. A killing here, a killing there, a blast here or a blast there, aerial firing, crackers, rumor mill, target killing, the price hikes, power outages, gas load shedding, scandals, political point scorings, foreign interference, impotence of law enforcement agencies are just a few of the examples of the wild beasts running amok in the country, with present day Neros playing the fiddle (and filling their bags with ever increasing wealth).

Democracy was given a chance. Past five years and it is quite visible how stagnated, rusted the political system has become. It has been a slide downwards with no sign of slowing down. Will it take us to the bottom of the pit? Is there a bottom? Or is it a long journey which an average Pakistani has been taking for more than sixty years which has just picked up pace downhill? No one knows the answer and still, it seems everyone knows it. Even in a city like Karachi, every Tom, Dick and Harry gets up and does whatever he wants to – all with the help of just one tool: fear. This fear that gripped the people a long time ago has started showing how it has mentally, intellectually disabled common man in the society. With forced smiles, politeness, we try to
show our civilized side, but behind these ornaments lies the true face of darkness, the void that has encapsulated all of us. Use of Xanax or the likes have become a norm. And this pressure/fear is not just limited to an average Joe; the very recent death of a political leader due to Cardiac arrest might suggest there’s more than meets the eye. Several well-known political figures have already stated in the past their use of pills to keep them from getting destroyed mentally.

Where are we going? Is this downhill journey ever going to stop? Will the new elections help us rid of the uncivilized part so that we are able to breathe free? Or will it be just a momentary pause, the calm, before the storm hits us? Will we ever be able to taste the true democracy in its truest sense? Will we ever be able to rid ourselves completely of the “fear”? I sure hope so, although history suggests otherwise.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the above article are of the writer’s only and do not necessarily represent News policies.