Stephenie Meyer’s fans! “The Host” is coming soon

FIRST SHORT: After the Twilight series, a credit like “from Stephenie Meyer” may paint the wrong picture. That series utilized supernatural elements to tell an intimate, contained story. But The Host cranks up the scope, offering an action-filled plot with stakes that put the whole world on the line. The sci-fi novel, writer/director Andrew Niccol  injected the source material with the necessary energy. Sure, the movie has romance… but it’s also filled with car chase shootouts, escape set pieces, and a wild alien angle.

In The Host, Saoirse Ronan plays Melanie Stryder, one of the few remaining humans on Earth not inhabited by an extraterrestrial race known as “Souls.” She eventually encounters the nefarious group and taken over by a Soul known as “Wanderer.” Thankfully, Wanderer has a soft spot for Melanie, and the two go on the run from the Souls to find a colony of unturned humans.