Protecting non-muslim Citizens

Dozens of angry protestors in a mob on Saturday set ablaze more than 100 houses/shops belonging to Christians. This incident is yet another sad event in the long list of sufferings of non-muslims in the country.

The failure of the present system to provide security and protection to it’s citizens in general, and non-muslims in particular is evident without an iota of doubt. Non-muslims have faced such incidents both under Dictatorship and Democracy. Each time there is condemnation, compensation and words of consolation. However the repeat of these incidents show that the present rulers and the secular democratic system lacks the capacity (and perhaps even intention) to safeguard the rights of non-muslims.

The Islamic Law, is crystal clear with regards to protection of non-muslims. In one ahadith, Prophet(saw) said:
“He who hurts a dhimmi (non-muslims) hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys Allah.”

In a true Islamic State (Khilafah), it is the responsibility of the state to implement Islamic law that provides justice and safeguards the rights of its Citizens. The importance of regulation of affairs of society through an Islamic State, can be understood from a saying of Ibn Tahmiyyah (ra)

“It should be noted that to regulate the affairs of people is one of the most important requirements (wajibat) of the religion (al-din). Really speaking, al-din cannot be established without it. The wellbeing of the sons of Adam cannot be accomplished except through a well-organized society (ijtima’) because they are in need of one another; and for such a society a ruler is indispensable.”
Islamic History, is testimony to the fact that non-muslims citizens were properly looked after and protected. The Ottoman Caliphate helped the Jews, who were fleeing persecution. Coptic Christians were safe and flourished under the Rule of Caliphate in Egypt.  In the Subcontinent under the rule of Islam, for centuries the Hindus lived without any fear of oppression.

Today, as we witness the failure of the present capitalist secular systems, it is imperative that we revert to the system of Islam which provided the much needed protection and prosperity that people are yearning for.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the above article are of the writer’s only and do not necessarily represent News policies.