Political parties have become gangs, Dr Ayatullah Durrani

RAWALPINDI: PPP senior leader Dr Ayatullah Durrani has said that ideological politics has ended in Pakistan and political parties have become gangs. We have seen gang politics in the last five years. It is true to some extent that I too have remained part of gang politics. Long-term planning would be possible only if political parties work ideologically. We have completed these five years submissively in fear of the gangs. We have to get rid of gang politics in order to save Pakistan.

Dr Ayatollah Durrani was of the view that if incompetence, cowardice and in-fight of state institutions continued, lawlessness in the country would persist.

He denied any difference between President Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto. There is no truth in the reports on the issue played up by the Indian media. We cannot keep Bilawal at more than one place. He will be brought forward wherever needed. Our party chairman has gone abroad for a brief period and can return to Pakistan within a few hours’ flight.