PMLQ backs Ishrat Hussain for caretaker PM

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Q has announced its support for Ishrat Hussain for the caretaker Prime Minister, getting lead over others for the post of premier.

Sources told AAJ news that, Ishrat Husain – currently the dean of the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi – comes in as the first and most credible  option for the government after the endorsement of Muttahida Qaumi movement (MQM) and Pakistan Muslim League-Q.

Though, the major opposition party that is Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz opposed the choice arousing many insecurities among it’s leaders.

Looking at his profile, Ishrat Hussain started his career in 1964 in the civil service of Pakistan so he has a fair grasp of how the bureaucracy works. He has worked at the World Bank for two decades between 1979 and 1999 and so is well-versed in the language of Washington-based international lenders. He has a PhD in economics from Boston University, which lends him intellectual credibility.

Dr. Ishrat was the Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan’s Central bank from 2 December 1999 to 1 December 2005. He also lead the National Commission for Government Reforms for two years from May 2006.

Sources quoted a saying that , the one apparent flaw is that he is not a politician, but he have enough credibility to negotiate a reasonable bailout package with the IMF, construct a budget loaded with unpopular cutbacks that comply with the IMF’s conditions, and then hand over the Money Bill to the new Parliament for the approval.