After Gangnam we now have our very own “Pindi Style”

So far its the only video to have fetched more than 1 billion views since its release in July and became the most ‘liked’ video of all time on YouTube. This number (1 billion+) is more than fifty times the population of South Korea from where the singer hails. Surprisingly, these views are three times the population of USA. It is none other than Gangham Style, sung by South Korean singer Psy.

Though its not a hummable melody, its words are hard and beyond comprehension, but Pakistanis can never refrain from making paradies of the stuff that goes viral.

The surprise international smash hit of 2012 manifests the fact that music is a global language. In case of Gangham style, even if a music enthusiast won’t decipher its lyrics or mimic those vivid moves, one can still move hands, pull a few steps, and perform acts of all sorts – credit goes to the thrilling music genre.

Here comes a shot of a parody on the most sought out song in Youtube’s history, our very own “Pindi Style”