PAT members will have sit-ins at various polling stations: Qadri

RAWALPINDI: Dr Tahirul Qadri announced Sunday that Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) will not contest the upcoming general elections. Addressing a gathering at Liaquat Bagh, Dr Qadri said the PAT would hold sit-ins at polling stations across the country on the election day.

He said electoral reforms promised to him were not implemented and he was not willing to become part of the current corrupt political system. He added that parliament should not be given development funds and they should act as Legislators.

Qadri showed distress over the formation of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) accusing it was not according to Article 213 of the Constitution, adding that the commission should be impartial and reconstituted.

The PAT Chief called for the election of the Prime Minister through popular vote instead of the National Assembly. At the same time he demanded that chief ministers and their cabinets be dissolved and powers transferred at the local level.

Dr Qadri said his campaign for revolution would continue till a real change takes place. He said the nation needed an honest and clean leadership.

Making an enormous claim Qadri stated that he can terminate all the foreign loans and build universities and hospitals in each district with the help of overseas Pakistanis without putting burden on national resources.

At the same time, PAT chief reiterated to have knocked at the door of justice but was denied justice and even his constitutional argument remained unheard.