Pakistan Advertisers Society Join Hands With Effective Measure

In a recent press release in Karachi, PAS is pleased to announce about its recent endorsement of Effective Measure as the digital audience measurement company in Pakistan.
For quite some time a need was felt for third party independent tools for digital platforms  that can establish trust and accuracy in numbers and after a thorough review by its Research committee of the needs of the advertisers with expanding budgets in the online space PAS has endorsed itself to Effective measure  for  their depth in service, technological expertise and global footprint along with their guiding rule books that will allow them to provide reliable and accurate data to the industry.
With an extensive product portfolio and local presence in the market, this collaboration will institute robust measurement system that will benefit both, the advertisers and the digital publishers.
With a commitment to serve the Pakistan’s advertising and marketing industry, pursuing constant effort in formulating partnerships for mutual interests has been a symbol of PAS and this can be rated as another achievement of PAS in addressing the emerging needs of advertisers .
PAS encourages web publishers to partner with Effective Measure in establishing frontline measurement innovation, so that there is better access to audience and demographic data, as the advertisers look to shift more budgets online.