No one should have objections if caretaker PM is appointed by ECP: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: PML-N leader, Chaudhry Nisar said on Friday that no one should have any objections if the appointment of the caretaker prime minister lands in the hands of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

“We will accept whoever is appointed as the caretaker prime minister by the Election Commission.” Nisar said

Speaking to media at the Parliament House Nisar said the matter of appointment would be sent to the ECP if the Parliamentary Committee failed to reach a consensus by Friday evening.

“There is a process, if the government and the opposition fail to make a decision, then sending the names to the Election Commission is constitutional and no cause of concern.” He added.

Nisar was critical of how the caretaker chief minister was appointed in Sindh, stating that PPP had not consulted the opposition parties and the role of the opposition was played by a former ally of the party.

According to Nisar, Governor Sindh Ishratul Ebad had been sending Pir Pagara messages to nominate members of his party to be a part of the interim setup in the province.

When asked why he had not consulted the JUI-F over nominees, Nisar replied that all the opposition parties ,except the JUI-F were consulted because they had refused to be a part of the deliberations.

Nisar added that he did not believe in back door channels and all steps taken by him were done in a transparent manner.

Commenting on objections raised over the government’s nominees for caretaker prime minister, Nisar said the names proposed by the PPP were close affiliates of the President

Nisar further said the nominees of the opposition had no affiliation with PML-N.

Nisar said the political parties cannot become part of the caretaker set up and asked the nation, the superior judiciary and the election commission of Pakistan to take notice of this mal practice