MQM making practical efforts for rights of masses: Altaf

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), chief Altaf Hussain Friday said that the party was making practical efforts for the rights of masses, uprooting the feudal system and cleansing the political culture of various ills.

“I commended them for making genuine efforts to eliminate the discrimination in every department of life,” he added. He was talking to the Rabita Committee of his party in London and Pakistan, said a  MQM statement issued here on Friday.

Altaf said that PPP government was able to complete its five years constituional  tenure with the unshakable support extended by the MQM.  The democratic process in the country would have suffered if the MQM had withdrawn its support, he added.

He said that empowering the people belonging to poor and middle classes was the mainstay of the struggle of the MQM. He said that our struggle centres on bringing a true and real democracy in the country and we will continue our struggle.

Altaf Hussain appealed to the younger generation, students, workers, labourers, lawyers, doctors and engineers to come forward and make the MQM successful by casting their votes in its favour and giving MQM a chance.

Altaf Hussain urged the Rabita Committee to continue their struggle for achieving the objectives. A day would come when the efforts would be rewarded and the MQM would become successful, he concluded.