MNA Aijaz Jakhrani’s son brutally assaults a student

KARACHI: The son of an influential Member of National Assembly (MNA) Aijaz Jakhrani allegedly beaten a student of his own college during a football match, sources quoted as saying on Wednesday.

The sources told AAJ news that student Ali Gohar was brutaaly assualted by MNA’s son and his guards in his college premises, later he taken to a local hospital for treatment, where doctors said he got serious injuries on his head and eyes.

The MNA belongs to the ruling Pakistan People’s Party and elected from Jacobabad in 2008.

While he will remain hospitalized for the medical treatment.

The father of Ali Gohar, said that his son would have been killed like Shahzeb if a teacher had not intervened.

Police have also registered an FIR of the incident.

This the second case of his nature after the murder of Shahzeb Khan who was murdered by the son of a renowned feudal Sikandar Jatoi.

The ill-fated guy Shahzeb Khan lost his life during a fight over a petty issue.