Married people need to go to a psychiatrist: Kangana

Kangana Ranaut, 25, is stubborn, has high self-esteem, is sensitive and bold, and has carried herself entirely on her own shoulders. Weeks ahead of her upcoming film ‘I Love New York’, she talks to TOI about the one thing she wished she could undo in her life, her attachment to her sister and why she will never get married. Excerpts:

Let’s talk about your childhood?
I come from Surajpur, a valley in Himachal Pradesh near Manali that is named after my great grandfather Sarju Singh Ranaut. He was a minister for 15 years and I always had a desire to go out and explore like him. I come from a big family not in terms of money, but reputation and grew up in a protective mountain environment. I felt raising your hand on anybody is inappropriate and always had a high regard for my self. My dad asked me to leave the house and I did so without a single penny in my pocket.

How did you sustain yourself in Delhi being a single girl at the age of 15?
I lived with my best friend Jaspreet, who was ten years older to me. I started modelling and joined the Asmita theatre group at the India Habitat Centre. I just needed one person in my life to tell me that I could do it and he became God to me.

You are now doing I Love New York, Bullet Raja, Krrish 3, Queen, Shootout At Wadala, Revolver Rani. Have you finally found your place in the film industry?
There was a constant struggle to be accepted by the film industry. Even after Gangster being a success, I was considered a B-grade actress and was a sidekick even though I was good at what I did and was jobless for two years. They wasted time and money to destroy my career. I am a soft target and don’t have a big daddy. I am deeply sensitive and that is what makes me a good artiste. I have never sucked up to anybody. Tanu Weds Manu changed my life after which I have never looked back.

You are known to flirt with your co-stars. Is that true?
I am a free-spirited young girl and flirt with my co-actors not to get work out of them, but to have fun as a young girl as they are good looking men. I have everything in terms of assets, in fact even things I don’t need. So what else can I want from a man.

Do you see yourself getting married?
No, I don’t want to ever get married. I cannot even handle a full-time boyfriend. I have so much to do everyday and cannot address the person’s needs of just wanting to be around them. People who get married need to go to a pychiatrist. Even if people are happily married, a legal contract for possessing someone’s body and soul is so needy. If someone does that to me I will lose interest in that person.

The fact that I have gifted my parents, my sister and my brother each a house and have nothing today gives me satisfaction. I have made mistakes and put myself below my intelligence in the past, but today I feel happy, complete and appreciated.