Local clerics attack Ahmadi family in Kasur

KASUR: Local clerics attacked a house belonging to an Ahmadi family in the Kasur district of Punjab on Tuesday and subjected the family members to violence allegedly over their religious belief.

A mob led by a local cleric chanted slogans against Ahmadi families, their religious beliefs and their community before breaking into house in the Shamsabad area. The five members of family tried to take refuge in a room but the mob broke into the room as well.

Police personnel were reportedly present at the spot but did not take any action against the mob.

Male head of the family was severely tortured after which he lost consciousness, while his wife and his 70-year-old uncle were also beaten.

He was shifted to a hospital where authorities claimed that he is in critical condition.
Sheikh Yousaf, Head of the Ahmadi community in Kasur stated that he had repeatedly asked the DPO Kasur to establish a police check post in the area as they had been receiving threats since six months. He said that the DPO had agreed to his demands but the local MNA created hurdles in establishment of the check post.

He claimed that the police had deliberately left the Ahmadi family at the mercy of the mob, and the clerics who attacked that threatened the family to convert to their religion or face consequences.

The house was attacked when the Ahmadi man refused to convert, Yousaf added.