Law & order situation improved in PPP tenure: Rehman Malik

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior A. Rehman Malik said on Saturday that law and order situation had improved in the country as the security plan devised by him had remained successful during the past five years in foiling the threats posed by terrorists elements.

“When I became Interior Minister the main challenge was that of terrorism. However, we have succeeded in breaking the backbone of terrorists,” he said talking to reporters after delivering a farewell speech to officers and other personnel of law enforcement agencies here at Pakistan Sports Complex.

Terming the War on Terror a “Silent Third World War”, Malik said that Pakistan suffered more than any other country in this war. “I am calling War on Terror as the Silent Third World and I can prove this claim. In the War on Terror Pakistan not only lost over 40,000 precious human lives but also suffered economically,” he added.

He said that the War on Terror was not only Pakistan’s war but the reality was that Pakistan was fighting this war for the entire world.

To a question he said that the recent incidents of bombing in Quetta and Karachi were a part of the conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan. He said only targeted operation was being done in Karachi against the miscreants and there was no need for a grand operation.

He said Lashkar-e-Jhangvi was behind a series of terrorists activities in the country. All kinds of tools are being used to root out terrorism from the country, he said.

To another question, Malik said that he had not planned to quit politics and his statement in this regard was misquoted by a section of press. “I have never said that I am going to quit politics. I will continue working as a political worker and serving my party,” he added.

He paid tribute to Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani saying: “If today the government is completing its tenure the credit for that also goes to General Kayani as he always supported the democratically elected government.”

The Interior Minister said that during the past five years the PPP- led government took all decisions in the best national interest and did not take dictation from anyone. “The signing of Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project and the agreement to hand over Gwadar Port to a Chinese company fully show that we did not take dictation from anyone,” he maintained.

Earlier, in his farewell speech to officials of law enforcement agencies, Rehman Malik lauded their role in maintaining law and order situation in the country. He said the role of intelligence agencies; particularly the ISI remained exemplary in providing authentic reports about terrorists.

Today the law and order situation had improved in the country and this was due to professional commitment and unflinching determination of the law enforcement agencies, he added.