Lady Reading Hospital (LRH): Woman’s dead body identified

PESHAWAR; The 20-year-old unfortunate woman, who was found dead inside a toilet in Lady Reading Hospital’s (LRH) Accident and Emergency ward Monday night, has been identified as Noor Bibi, a resident of Palosai village.

She had been missing for the past four days. A police investigation team discovered Noor Bibi had come to the LRH for a medical check-up. They found out she was issued a waiting slip and even examined by doctors.

Noor Bibi was found dead inside a toilet near the operation theatre. Police said she had been strangled to death and the murderer had then proceeded to cut her throat and set the body on fire.

It was not clear whether she had been sexually assaulted, but the investigation team believed she had been raped and then put to death. The body has been shifted to Khyber Teaching Hospital’s Forensic Science Department for autopsy.