Justice (retd) Alavi to terminate illegal job appointments in Sindh

KARACHI: Justice (retd) Zahid Kurban Alavi is planning to get rid of all employees who were appointed “illegally’ or were given jobs violating merit.

Sindh’s new caretaker chief minister vowed never to accept those without merit. The caretaker set-up is revisiting out-of-turn promotion cases and assessing whether or not the officers were appointed on the basis of the legal requirements. “The provincial government has passed a bill giving legal cover to contractual employees,” he pointed out. “We cannot touch it (the bill), but there are reports of illegal appointments in various departments that will be reviewed and re investigated.”

Determined to ensure free and fair elections, Justice (retd) Alavi said he would never bow down before anyone and will work as a “neutral” and “independent” CM. His only aim is to pave the way for the election commission to hold transparent, fair and free polls. “Neither can I get dictation from anyone, nor am I accountable and answerable to any individual,” he said.

To achieve this, the caretaker chief minister has decided that the members of his cabinet will have no political affiliations. “If anyone is found supporting any political party, I will have to say goodbye to him,” he claimed. The outgoing government had nearly 60 departments with around 60 cabinet members, including ministers, advisers and special assistants. The new cabinet will have only 10 to 14 members, Alavi said.

He admitted that speculations are rife that political activists will be included in his cabinet, but he denied such reports. Alavi clarified that the home department will stay under his control and the rest of the portfolios will be distributed among other members. “I cannot give a deadline, but I assure you that a small, effective and objective cabinet will be made very soon.”

He further stated “I do not have a magic wand to resolve the issues overnight, but try my level best to be fair in this short span of time. If I fail, I should be taken to task.”