JI leaders consider Parveen’s murder a handwork of land mafia

KARACHI: Secretary General of Jammat- e-Islami’s women wing Dr. Rukhsana Jabeen and the party’s central leader Ayesha Munawaar have attributed killing of activist Parveen Rehman an outcome of her resistance against highly active land mafia in the metropolis.

In a statement on Saturday they said Parveen Rahman was respected by all quarters for her contribution towards community development and sincerity of purpose.

“Her murder cannot be allowed to be just an addition to the numbers of those killed in the city,” said Dr. Rukhsana Jabeen. Ayesha Munawwar said Parveen Rahman was a prominent apolitical figure known for her struggle for the cause of marginalised  segments and her killing was a warning to all those keen to restore sanity in the system.

Chief of JI Sindh women wing, Afshan Navaid, Chief of JI women wing Karachi, Rana Fazal, President, Women and Family Commission (Sindh), Aaalia Nigar said the assassinated activist was owned by all Karachiites, who loved her, respected her and will always remember her.

Expressing their deep sorrow and concern about the murder they said it was time that serious efforts were made to do away with mafias active in the metropolis.

“We also demand that serious and sincere effort is made to put an end to rampant exploitation of Karachi, its resources and that of its residents,” said the JI women leaders.