Intel offering $1 million to developers for most innovative application

Craig Hurst, Intel’s director of visual computing product management, has spoken of his amazement at the ways that various software companies have been using his firm’s technology in order to develop next-generation apps.

In an interview at the Mobile World Congress Trade Show, Mr Hurst revealed that a number of developers had found uses for Intel tools which go “beyond what we thought of originally”, opening up new possibilities for the creation of a vast array of technology that responds to people’s voices or physical movements.

This could be used by computer game developers to create augmented reality scenarios or by doctors to control computers used in surgery, which is why Intel is now offering $1 million (£670,000) in prize money to developers for the most innovative application prototypes.

As so-called smart technology continues to gain popularity, the demand for new devices that are able to respond to their environment shows no sign of abating. Mr Hurst is now hoping that his company’s tools will be able to help developers across the world create new technologies in order to take this trend to the next level.