India central bank buys 60.28bn rupees of bonds via OMOs

MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India bought 60.28 billion rupees ($1.11 billion) of government bonds through open market operations (OMOs) on Friday, as against the notified 100 billion rupees.

The RBI bought the 8.33 percent bonds maturing in 2026 at 102.27 rupees, yielding 8.0463 percent, marginally higher than a Reuters poll forecast of 8.0305 percent.

The RBI set a cut-off of 99.35 rupees, yielding 7.7621 percent on the 7.32 percent bonds maturing in 2014, higher than the poll forecast of 7.6930 percent.

The central bank set a cut-off of 99.31 rupees, yielding 7.8466 percent on the 7.59 percent bonds maturing in 2016, in line with the poll forecast of 7.8372 percent.

The central bank bought the 8.07 percent 2017 July bonds at 100.67 rupees, yielding 7.8769 percent, marginally higher than the poll forecast of 7.8546 percent.