General Elections 2013 is a critical juncture for Pakistan: US intelligence

WASHINGTON: Congress was informed by US intelligence agencies that upcoming general elections 2013 will be critical juncture for Pakistan and must be held by May 2013.

Director US National Intelligence James R Clapper sent a report to the Congress and noted that “Islamabad is intently focused on Afghanistan” in anticipation of the withdrawal of American and NATO forces.

According to the report, the Pakistani government attempted to improve relations with Kabul since late last year.

“Economically, trouble looms Pakistan, with its small tax base, poor system of tax collection, and reliance on foreign aid, faces no real prospects for sustainable economic growth,” the report warns.

“The government has been unwilling to address economic problems that continue to constrain economic growth. The government has made no real effort to persuade its disparate coalition members to accept much-needed policy and tax reforms, because members are focused on retaining their seats in upcoming elections.”

Pakistan-India relations were confabulated with information from the US intelligence agencies regarding the countries making diplomatic gestures to improve relations despite ingrained mistrust. Pakistan and India held diplomatic and trade related meetings in the past year and would probably continue to achieve progress in their strained relationship.

where as discussion on the more controversial issues of territorial disputes and terrorism, however, were adjourned.