ECP selects Hazar Khan Khoso as caretaker PM

ISLAMABAD: Election Commission on Sunday named retired Justice Mir Hazar Khan Khoso as caretaker PM to guide the nation till elections.

The meeting presided by chief election commissioner was attended by four other retired justices who represented provinces of Punjab, Khyder Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh.

The meeting decided in favour of Mir Hazar Khan Khoso, who was one of the two government nominees for caretaker PM.

Mir Hazar Khan Khoso, 84, was selected by the election commission after a parliamentary committee and rival parties failed to agree on a candidate. He comes from the troubled southwestern province of Baluchistan.

“We have picked Mir Hazar Khan Khoso after frankly and openly discussing all the four names forwarded to us,” chief election commissioner Fakhruddin Ibrahim told reporters in Islamabad.