ECP given funds, begins printing of electoral rolls

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan has provided Rs.710billion by the finance ministry moreover it began the printing process of electoral rolls, reported AAJ news on Wednesday.

Our correspondent, reported that, the ECP has decided to print 200 million ballot papers following a delay over approval of the new rolls by the president.

In a statement by the government, the election commission has been directed to set polling stations only in government buildings due to security concerns.

It also stated that, the voters in a polling station should not exceed more than 200.

The ECP on Tuesday proposes to increase the fee of nomination paper from Rs4,000 to Rs50,000 for the National Assembly and from Rs2,000 to Rs25,000 for a provincial assembly.

It suggests that the amount of a candidate who bags less than one-fourth of the total votes polled should not be refunded. It seeks an increase in the fee for challenging a vote from Rs2 to Rs10.

In an approximate figure over Rs1 billion would be spent on printing ballot papers, forms, envelopes, posters and placards; Rs450 million for publicity; Rs87.5 million for establishing improvised polling stations; Rs148 million on procurement of election material and Rs215 million on procurement and transportation of ballot boxes and voting screens.

Sources said that Around Rs710 million from the grant have been dispatched while the rest of the money will be released next month.

With addition from Agencies