Directions of ECP to be fully implemented: Sethi

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Najam Sethi on Friday said that directions of the Election Commission of Pakistan would be fully implemented.

Addressing a news conference, Sethi said, he is not going to make any policy decisions as the task of the caretaker government is to extend cooperation to the ECP in ensuring free, fair and transparent elections.

Caretaker CM said, he has complete backing of Election Commission of Pakistan as far as the reshuffle of bureaucracy is concerned in the province.

He was of the view that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, independent, constitutional and non-political caretaker governments have been established at the center and the provinces.

Najam said,that he will be the first to quit if any attempt was made or any conspiracy was hatched to extend the tenure of the caretaker setup.

To a question, the CM said that he was neither interested nor canvassed for the office of the caretaker Chief Minister.

He said that five to six impartial people would be part of the Punjab caretaker setup. He described law and order issue as the biggest problem.

Najam Sethi said the threat of terrorism in the upcoming elections is very real and the Punjab government will do all it can to stop the subversive acts in the province.

Caretaker Chief Minister said, “I am ninety percent sure that I will succeed in the objective of holding free and transparent elections.”

He said to ensure the prime objective of holding free and fair elections; he will change the whole bureaucracy and administrative setup.

CM Najam Sethi said the political leadership had showed complete confidence in him. He said media is eyes and during caretaker setup it will have a pivotal role to ensure the prime objective of free and fair elections.