CDA vows to uplift literary taste of Islooites

ISLAMABAD — The Capital Development Authority (CDA) would enrich the literary taste of the residents of Islamabad by holding the brainy gatherings to give a soothing impact to their lives, said Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz.

Addressing a Ghazal night held in memory of renowned poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz by the Sports and Culture Directorate of the CDA, he said Faiz’s poetry was not only revolutionary but also a message of courage for the generations to come.

He said the CDA would opt holding such literary gatherings as a permanent feature of its activities so that their literary taste could be enriched besides providing them recreational facilities.

Besides, he said the Sports and Culture Directorate of the CDA would also be upgraded and made fully functional to promote the cultural and literary activities among youth and keep them engaged in productive works.

He said this would also help acquaint the students with their sages and bright past of the country