Bodies of three Karachi blast victims laid to rest in Khairpur

KHAIRPUR:  Bodies of three victims of Sunday’s blast in Karachi out of eight persons of Khairpur, were buried here on Monday.

According to details, eight persons including Jafar Ali, son of Mubarak Hussain, Kashif Hussain Abdi, Altaf Hussain, Zeeshan Abbass,  Mumawar Hussain, and a child Baqar Ali Zaidi of Luqman area Khairpur, Ubedullah Soomro and Abdullah Soomro of Hingorja, had lost their lives in  terrorist activity in Abbas Town, Karachi on Sunday evening.

Kashif Hussain Zaidi had married a year ago and was father of a baby, while Zeeshan Abbas was an employee of WAPDA and had gone to Karachi for the check-up of his eyes a day ago. The body of Zeeshan Abbas was brought to Khairpur and buried in Shaheed Gunj graveyard. The deceased were shifted from Karachi to Khairpur.

The bodies of Ubedullah Soomro and Ghulam Muhammad Soomro were taken to Hingorja on Monday and buried in a graveyard. Hundreds of people attended their Namaz- e- Janaza in a somber atmosphere.