Bieber feeling ‘better’ after halting London show

LONDON: Under-fire Canadian pop star Justin Bieber said he was feeling better Friday after halting a London show for 20 minutes for being “light of breath”.

The 19-year-old — who angered British fans with a very late start Monday in the first of four shows at the O2 Arena — returned to finish his set before being taken to hospital.

A spokeswoman said he was determined to plough ahead with Friday’s final London show.

The teen idol posted a picture of himself lounging on a hospital bed wearing headphones.

In a tweet, he said: “Getting better. Thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. Best fans in the world. Figuring out what happened. Thanks for the love.”

The performer has the world’s most popular Twitter account, with 35.6 million followers.

But some suggested on the micro-blogging website that Bieber’s apparent illness had been a sympathy stunt designed to show his determination to perform after Monday’s public relations disaster.

A spokeswoman for the star said: “Justin has been released from the hospital after a check-up and, while he’s feeling a little under the weather, he’s currently planning on going ahead with tonight’s show.”

Bieber walked off mid-way through a song towards the end of his set Thursday.

His manager Scooter Braun told the 20,000-strong crowd that the singer was determined to return to the stage against medical advice.

“Justin got very light of breath, the whole show he’s been complaining. He’s backstage with the EMTs (emergency medical team) and the doctor,” Braun said.

“They’re telling him they want him to go and see somebody and find out what’s going on with his lungs, he’s just told me that in five minutes, if it’s OK with you guys, he’s going to come out and finish the show.”

His representative told entertainment channel E! News that emergency personnel gave him oxygen.

“He insisted on finishing the show,” she added, as he was being taken to hospital.

Bieber blamed Monday’s tardy showtime on technical difficulties.