Bata launches footwear fashion show

Lahore: Bata launched Pakistan’s first ever full-fledged footwear fashion show at Shahi Khema, Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore on 23rd March 2013. Titled as ‘The Showcase’, the show was attended by 300 guests including celebrities from showbiz and sports, known figures from the corporate world, and famous socialites the show will be remembered by all the participants for a long time for all the good reasons.

The guests were warmly greeted at the red carpet by the ever so fabulous Natasha Hussain in her peculiarly informal yet mannered style.

From the red carpet the guests entered The Bata Gallery where Bata’ bands and products were beautifully displayed in a highly innovative environment, giving a glimpse into each brand. The arena was quite a masterpiece for its ambiance, and modern yet graceful feel befitting the occasion.

The refreshments that were served were really refreshing for their quality, taste and presentation.

The show started with the MC Faizan Haq’s characteristically skillful presentation of the brand Bata and its history. Following this, accomplished and upcoming models strutted the ramp showcasing Bata’s footwear collection including Ambassador, Marie Claire, Bubblegummers, Power, North Star, Leena, Comfit, and Weinbrenner.

The ramp, the choreography and the environment all stayed in sync to make this a wonderful presentation. The vintage bike and the background score added to the verve on the ramp.

‘Great show! It was really fun and exciting to be here to see what Bata is doing and it’s fabulous’ said one of the guests. ‘Simply fantastic, I liked the Bata Gallery!’ said another.

Everyone appreciated the efforts of the organizers for putting in their best to make the show a success. Some of the guests admired it for the beauty of presenting generally ignored shoes as fashion articles, in an effective manner.

Overall, it was a beautiful evening by Bata, which augurs well for the footwear and fashion industries and the relevant business circles. It is hoped that more such events will come to Lahore in the days ahead.