Banned outfit leader ‘Qari Bilal’ killed in Karachi

KARACHI: Rangers and police in a joint operation killed Qari Bilal, a leader of Banned outfit in Manghopir area, said sources.

Sources told that Qari Bilal was involved in the murder of Parveen Rehman, a social worker shot dead the previous day in Karachi.

DIG West Javed Odho told media that, alleged terrorist was local commander of Sher Khan Mehsood group, who were involved in several terrorist attacks.

The targeted operation led by Rangers personnel took place  in Karachi’s Korangi industrial area’s Mehran Town locality, during which 26 suspected militants, including three activists of proscribed outfits were taken into custody.

The Pakistani Taliban have also increased attacks in recent months, leading to fears they could disrupt the election scheduled to take place by mid-May.