An ordinary pottery of $3 becomes “Ding Bowl” worth $2.23 million

New York: A $3 bowl has became a surprise jackpot for the lucky bargain hunter: the Chinese bowl sold for $2.23 million at an auction at Sotheby’s on Tuesday

The small terracotta bowl with an ivory glaze, discovered to be a thousand year old “Ding” bowl, dating from the Song dynasty. This dynasty ruled China from 960 to 1279.

There is only a single bowl of this kind which belongs to the same period, now rests at the British Museum for more than 60 years.

Astonishingly this bowl was bought in few dollars in 2007, the buyer displayed it the living room.

More recently, they became curious about its value and brought it to experts for an appraisal.

Sotheby’s had approximately calculated the value of this bowl between $200,000 and $300,000.

After a long battle between four bidder this rare find got sold to well known London art dealer Giuseppe Eshenazi for $2.225 million.