Ajab Hukumat ki ghazab Kahani

Apart from everything happened and still happening around in country, the Pakistan Peoples Party keeps boasting on every platform that its government has completed 5 years tenure. And it is the very first time in the history of Pakistan that a democratic government has completed its 5 years successfully without any outside intervention which is no doubt a remarkable achievement.

Yes of course it is conspicuously a spectacular achievement for the Pakistan Peoples party and Pakistan Peoples Party only because this huge achievement has provided no relief to the crippling nation of this unfortunate state. These five years didn’t bring any fruitful changes in the lives of Pakistani people but rather worsened their already dreadful condition, excruciating every scar of their pain.

There would be nothing in the world that can be more easily proved then the staggering achievements of PPP in last 5 years. But these accomplishments are not possible to be ascertained because they are incalculable. But at least a try would not be a bad catch.

As soon as PPP took hold of the government, its leaders made enormous promises to the people of Pakistan. One of the most talked and hyped promise was curtailing the shortfall of electric power, even dates and months were notified but at the end of the day instead of reducing electric shortfall they reduced CNG and sui gas supply. But in return electric shortfall remained the same with increased taxes on all above commodities.

Not a single household commodity was left untouched. In these remarkable 5 years inflation made Guinness world records.

A small list of few essential commodities is illustrated below.

Commodities Rates in 2008 Rates in 2013
US Dollar Rs 64 Rs 100
Flour Rs 16/kg RS 42/kg
Pulses RS 52/kg RS 136/kg
rice RS 18/kg RS 66/kg
milk RS 26/ liters RS 74/liters
Petrol Rs 65 Rs 103

Where as if we look at the law and order situation throughout the country during these 5 years there is an astounding leap in adversity. When we move from 2007 to 2012 we get following statistics from Sindh and Karachi.

Law & Order Issues 2007 2012 Percent increase
Killings in Sindh 2270 3450 25%
Killings in Karachi 9000
Gang rapes 22 29 32%
Attacks on Police 759 1700 24%
Abductions 64 127 88%
Car Robberies 10,205 22,370 119%
Highway Stealing 44% increase
Bank Robberies 50% increase

These all above statistics have been taken from police records which means there would be double more cases which would not have had been recorded. And when we talk about calculating corruption cases, well that is an unfathomable impossibility.

Whereas it cannot be denied that PPP government also did certain positive things like promulgating 18th amendment, increasing salaries of government employees to 125%, starting programs like BBSYDP, BISP, Watan Card Scheme and giving away millions of jobs but again all these initiatives were cursed with a high amount of corruption and illegalities providing no such relief to the people.

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