A popular Channel awards aggravated Waderai Ka Beta

Comedian-turned-singer Ali Gul Pir posted an angry message on his Facebook page on Tuesday night: “Went to Channel’s TV Awards because I was nominated but they skipped my category. Lol, I guess new comers are not important.”

He stated that he was referring to the last minute omission of the category Best Newcomer in Music category in which he was nominated. “I was surprised,” he said. “I was unwell that day, but I arrived at the awards because I had been invited and my attendance was confirmed on the phone several times.” He also said that he had been looking forward to the award. “The love I have gotten from all the people who have appreciated my work has been the biggest reward I could ever imagine. This nomination meant that I was being acknowledged by TV Channel; it would have been great to be appreciated by the seniors of entertainment industry as well.”

Defending  Channel’s stance, GM publications and Public Relations of the Group, Shanaz Ramzi, termed the slip-up as the ‘management’s call’. “It was the decision of the management — some of the awards were not given and these particular awards include Excellence in Fashion, Excellence in TV, Best Band and Best New Sensation in Music,” said Ramzi, without citing any reason for the omission.