25 Pakistani Taliban killed in NATO Operation

QUETTA: More than 25 Pakistani Taliban, most of them from Balochistan, got killed in a NATO operation under ISAF command in Afghanistan close to the Pakistani border.

According to sources from the site of the clashes, NATO forces engaged Taliban near Lakhai settlement of Afghanistan overlooking Chagai district of Balochistan.

The bodies of dead Taliban were brought to a seminary in Chagai from where they were being dispatched to their respective hometowns which were identified by the local people, a source in Chagai said.

Many people were also injured in the battle but their identities were not known, he said.

Tribal sources living at the border said it was not possible to ascertain the casualties from the ISAF forces. But the number of Taliban and their sympathisers killed was said to be 20 or more.

Most of the dead Taliban belonged to Quetta, Naushki, Chagai, Kuchlak, Pishin and adjoining areas.